Our first home was a restaurant in Canton, Kiss Cafe . Since one of the most famous milongas in Buenos Aires, Argentina is El Beso (The Kiss)...

... we Tango here in Baltimore as ...

El Otro Beso (The Other Kiss)


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available.

"Privates" are more expensive than group classes, but serve a valuable purpose in tango. One of the goals in tango is to become a comfortable dancer. Each person as they develop in the dance will have "issues" independent of what they have learned in group class. Private lessons can address points specific to you as a dancer and can ensure that bad habits are eliminated before they become engrained.

Private lessons can be used to make up for missed group classes, to tune your tango nature on an individual basis, to expand your vocabulary either as a leader or a responder.

The cost is $60 per hour ($50 for students). There is a discount for three or more lessons.

Over time, depending on how often and with whom you dance, you may develp habits. We also offer a "Comfort Tuneup" for dancers with experience. who want to be sure that they remain "comfortable" to dance with. If you understand the elements of the tango and just need to "hear" that everything is fine.. or what you may need to remind yourself of while dancing, the "Tuneup" may be for you. A tune up takes about 30 minutes and is offered $40 ($30 for students).

To schedule a private lesson or a "Tuneup" email Mark at mark@theotherkiss.com or Christina at christina@theotherkiss.com.